Gospel Communities


Gospel Communities are at the heart of how we grow as a family. These groups are designed to help us build rhythms into our life beyond a Sunday service where we can grow together, laugh together, and celebrate all that God is doing in and through us. We also know that God has placed us together not only for our own sake but to love and serve our community. We want to be faithful to seek out opportunities to serve and share God's love in Murphy and the surrounding communities. Gospel Communities gather monthly in homes throughout the Murphy/Sachse/Wylie area:

Key Rhythms

Gathering for Meals: A significant part of growing together is unhurried time together as a family. We want to create intentional times where we sit together over a good meal and enjoy laughing and sharing life. 

Share your Story: Learning to share your story in light of God's story of redemption is an essential part of growing in and sharing your faith. We want to take time to hear from one another how the Gospel is changing and shaping us. 

Prayer: There is power in a group of people united in prayer, asking The Lord to move in the lives of people we know and love. Jesus is the author of salvation and we want to boldly come to Him asking for the salvation of those who don't yet know Him. 

Together on Mission: The Apostle Paul encouraged the church at Colosse to "make the most of every opportunity." We want to live intentionally, knowing that many of the people we interact with every day do not know the love of The Father and the grace of Jesus. Each group will seek opportunities to bring GOSPEL RENEWAL to our community through serving, sacrificing, and sharing The Gospel.  .