D.N.A Groups

D.N.A. groups are at the heart of how we make disciples of Jesus here at Cornerstone. Born from our Gospel Communities, these groups consist of 3 to 6 adults (gender specific) who meet three times a month to challenge and encourage one another as we learn to follow Jesus together.



When we gather we want to DISCOVER what the Word says and how it shapes our view of who God is, what He has done in Christ, who we are in Him, and how we need to think, believe, and act differently. Led by His Spirit, we are devoted to studying The Scripture together and letting the Gospel re-shape us.


As The Spirit reveals our area's of unbelief and sin, we want to confess to The Lord and to one another, turn from these lies and believe the Truth of The Gospel. We want to NURTURE the truth of God's love and grace found in Christ to one another and pray for each other that God would continue to mold us in His image. 


We want to respond to The Spirit's conviction and God's grace by pursuing obedience to Him, not out of a sense of obligation or to earn his love, but out of delight in the truth that God's love for us is because of all that Christ has done. We want to spur one another on towards love and good works as we seek to surrender to and follow Jesus in every area of our life.