Discovering Joy in Jesus: John 2:1-12



John 2:1-12

This week we look at the first of the 7 "sign" miracles that John tells about in his Gospel. This first one is where Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding, and not just wine, but he lavishes the party with an abundance of the best wine. 

As you read through the story ask yourself why this sign is so significant that John would tell us about it. Also, what do you think is significant about how Mary responds to her son? 

Two of the themes that seem to come from this passage are waiting on God's timing and His abundance in giving us what we need and more. Wine was a symbol for abundance, life, and joy. What is the significance of Jesus saving the celebration and bringing the best wine? I would encourage you to listen to the preview podcast where we go into far more detail about the passage. 


Questions to talk about in DNA Groups:
1. Where do you lack joy? What do you think the reason is for that?
2. In what parts of your life does God have you waiting? Why do you struggle to trust Him in these times?
3. How can the others in your Group encourage you as you trust Him and seek joy?