Discovering Jesus: John The Baptist John 1:19-34


John The Baptist

John 1:19-34

As we continue in our series DISCOVERING JESUS, we come to the story of John The Baptist. JTB (as I lovingly call him), is a significant character in the narrative of the New Testament. All four of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) talk about him and his ministry as the pre-runner for Jesus. 
We know that John was Jesus' cousin and that he was an odd guy (by our standards). He lived out in the wilderness near the Jordan river. This pic gives you an idea of what that area was like. 


The Jordan Valley Wilderness

John's ministry was focused on preparing the Jewish people for The Messiah to come. He preached repentance for sin and would Baptize those who turned to God.
As you read through the passage I want you to notice how JTB remains laser focused on his place in God's story. He never deviates, even as the religious leaders challenge him. The preview podcast has a lot more background detail on this passage and I encourage you to listen to it as you study the passage this week. 


Questions to talk about in DNA Groups:
1. What are some things that stand out to you about John The Baptist in John 1:19-34?
2. How can you follow JTB's lead in making The Lord center in your story?
3. What are some areas the Lord is challenging to pursue faithfulness?
4. How can your DNA group encourage/challenge you to remain faithful?